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Pulmonary tractotomy for penetrating pulmonary injuries caused by bull horn: a case report

	author = {José-María Matilla and Loreto Berjón de la Vega},
	title = {Pulmonary tractotomy for penetrating pulmonary injuries caused by bull horn: a case report},
	journal = {Current Challenges in Thoracic Surgery},
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	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {In our environment, the seriously wounded and injured in the context of the taurine injuries (by definition of high energy) justify an important problem of health. The potential complexity of the situations to be resolved obliges the prioritization in the action. So, to improve the prognosis of the penetrating pulmonary injuries it is absolutely necessary to both know the specificities of this type of injuries such as adapting the initial care protocols to these particularities traumatized serious. The present case reports a multiple and bilateral penetrating pulmonary injuries caused by bull-horn. It is not often that injuries of this magnitude reach the hospital alive, which is why the exceptionality of the case and the challenge that arises. We used endostapler for the management of penetrating pulmonary injuries to perform the tractotomy. After a complicated postoperative period by multiple thoracic and abdominal injuries, the patient could leave the hospital showing full recovery of thoracic wounds. Stapled pulmonary tractotomy allows a rapid, effective, and safe approach to the exposure of bleeding intraparenchymal pulmonary vessels and transected bronchi. This technique can be used without any bleeding from the staple line. We believe that tractotomy can play an important role in treating penetrating lung trauma, specially with multiple or bilateral injuries in the lung and avoid formal resection preserving lung volume and reduces the operative time and blood loss.},
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