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Sternal resection and reconstruction with a multi-functional modular prosthesis

	author = {Haifeng Wang and Chang Chen and Zhe Shi and Zhiyi Liu and Gening Jiang},
	title = {Sternal resection and reconstruction with a multi-functional modular prosthesis},
	journal = {Current Challenges in Thoracic Surgery},
	volume = {1},
	number = {0},
	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Reconstruction for a large area of sternal defect is challenging. The available sternal reconstruction techniques and materials have their limitations. We designed a modular sternal reconstruction system made of titanium alloy. This system was applied to a patient who received partial sternal resection for well-differentiated chondrosarcoma of the sternum. The sternal neoplasm measured 80×70 mm2. After resection of most of the sternal body and adjacent ribs, standard modules of adequate types and sizes were chosen and assembled during operation. The operation lasted for 240 min, with an intraoperative blood loss of 100 mL. The patient was followed up for 32 months, while the prosthesis remained stable, with no signs of infection or looseness.},
	url = {}