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Early stage of primary tracheal schwannoma mimicking a foreign body

	author = {Alfonso Fiorelli and Annalisa Carlucci and Roberto Cascone and Iacopo Panarese and Marina Accardo and Renato Franco and Mario Santini},
	title = {Early stage of primary tracheal schwannoma mimicking a foreign body},
	journal = {Current Challenges in Thoracic Surgery},
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	abstract = {Primary tracheal schwannoma is an extremely rare clinical entity that accounts for less than 0.5% of primary tracheal tumors. It is usually diagnosed at an advanced stage of disease, when the tumor occupied more than 50% of tracheal lumen and obstructive symptoms were seen. Treatments ranged from surgery to endoscopic resections, and the choice was influenced by the characteristics of the tumor and patient’s clinical condition. Herein, we reported a clinical case of early stage primary tracheal schwannoma that was incidentally found on high resolution computed tomography scan in a patient with asthmatic symptoms. Based on patient’s past medical history (he referred accidental inhalation of a concrete fragment several months ago), lesion size (2 mm) and endoscopic findings (lesion covered by normal tracheal mucosa, not pulsatile or friable), the tumor was misdiagnosed as a foreign body and easily resected with standard bioptic forceps during fiber bronchoscopy. Pathological findings diagnosed the lesion to be a primary tracheal schwannoma. In this case, the early diagnosis of tracheal schwannoma and its resection prevented the tumor growing and the needing of more complex treatments.},
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